She is billed address global to deliver presentation at the international virtual summit being organised by the Journalists International Forum For Migration, JIFORM, with over 200 journalists across the continents covering migration issues on migration challenges in West Africa on June 6, 2020.

Clare Henshaw is a well-heeled international development professional best known for her work in human capital development & gender-based initiatives spanning across several marginalized population segments in Nigeria & West Africa.

She is the founder of Girls Inspired Africa & i-Safe Consulting.
Clare who works extensively as an independent development consultant for nonprofit organizations, currently serves as Country Coordinator for The Migrant Project Nigeria.

She served as a lead Technical Adviser to Lagos State Employability Support Project, under Arksills Nigeria.

In her propensity as an IDC, Clare has been integral in community-based initiatives to advocate for education, healthcare, economic empowerment & safety of marginalized populations. She has secured & executed ongoing funding partnerships for several non-profits & social enterprises from over 100 global & local organisations including an expansive portfolio of projects design, research & infrastructure development encompassing building & equipping 16 school libraries across 4 states in Nigeria, building an accident & trauma unit along the popular Lagos-Ibadan expressway, to stem needless loss of lives from road accidents as well as refurbishment & equipping of rural primary healthcare centers, providing water & sanitation facilities across multiple schools, educational scholarships, school supplies & free community healthcare programs to millions of Nigerians.

She has managed & worked on multilateral donor funded projects worth millions of dollars for various organisations on youth employability, technical & vocational skills.

She runs various advocacy & behavior change communications campaigns on gender-based initiatives; coordinating and mobilizing against rape, human trafficking, irregular migration, modern-day slavery, etc.

Clare is the initiator of Protect-HER Campaign, an initiative to train and equip 1,000,000 young girls in the next 48 months with self-defense skills against potential violence, while building their confidence to protect their agency as women.

She is an alumnus of MBSM UK, University of Lagos, Lagos Business School and the University of Benin; where she has acquired training and certificates in Development Studies and NGO management, Master in Business Administration, and degrees in Computer Science and Data Processing respectively. She is married with two daughters.

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