I want to stand on existing protocols. On behalf of the Journalists International Forum For Migration, JIFORM, I appreciate all our resource persons for the presentations. They were quite insightful and eye openers to most of us.

Looking through Our Leader, Mr Waheed Odusile’s presentation: Media and Surviving Strategy: Post Covid-19, it is very clear that after the pandemic, the world as a whole and especially the Media will not be the same again.

Most media practitioners have been working from home and sourcing for their materials online and on the field as well, giving credence to what the presenter said about ICT playing a major role in doing our work at this point time and this should open our eyes to the fact that ICT is the way to go. Any media practitioner that is not versatile and ICT compliant at this period might be redundant and unable to perform. Certainly that journalist is already left behind.

I will nevertheless appeal to our colleagues to be very careful in the line of duty. It is disheartening to see that while government is talking about palliatives for frontline workers, it’s obvious that journalists are not considered as no one is talking about protective wears or insurance for Journalists covering the pandemic. I want to enjoin our colleagues: SAFETY FIRST BEFORE THE NEWS!!!!
I want to agree with all that DCI James outlined in his paper, Food solution During and After Covid-19 lockdown. I think government’s critical intervention is needed after the lockdown as it has affected the farming seasons according to the farmers. Thanks you’d sir for sharing your farming experience with us. Agriculture is definitely the way to go. Vambe our colleagues from Zimbawe, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Thanks everyone for being part of this.

Iyabo Ogunjuyigbe
Manager News, Radio Lagos/Eko Fm.

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