By Ronke Omolaja

The Nigeria Diaspora 4040 is set to unveil a publication tagged Diaspora 4040 Journal on 26th of March 2022, a statement by the Media Adviser of the organization, Ajibola Abayomi has revealed.


Ajibola, the President of the Journalists International Forum For Migration, (JIFORM) comprising over 300 Journalists covering migration matters across the continents said the Diaspora Journal was being packaged to make the anticipated readers relate with the glories and challenges of typical Diasporans from their newcomer days into how they pass through the thick-and-thin of living abroad and with the pains-and-gains of those living abroad.

The digital and hard copy combined publication will also reflect 40 Diaspora stories aimed at summarizing the Diaspora journeys with the famous 80’s Andrew-Checking-Out character which was the initial public representative for the Nigerians wanting to go abroad to seek greener pastures, it shows the consistency and coherence in presenting the contemporary face of the Nigerian Diaspora and how they integrated into their respective country of adoption.

Also it will include, the emigration trends firmly woven in the history of the third Nigerian wave of migration.

According to an Austria based, Adeniyi Sanusi, the Executive Director, NGA Diaspora 4040, he explained that: “The Diaspora 4040 Journal is one of the deliverables of our NGA Diaspora 4040 in which we held the event on October 2, 2021.

“One of the takeouts from this Diaspora Journal will be the ability to provide the reader with a fair comprehension of what the realities of the lives and times of different individuals living abroad (residing in Diaspora) looks like from their own perception, considering that this Diaspora Journal presents the real-life stories of each individual as told first-hand by the individuals themselves. We are really glad to inform you that the e-Journal format will be more accessible to a higher number of interested Nigerians and has offered us the opportunity to embellish it with more contents.

“We are positively anticipating and hoping that this compendium of 40 diverse Nigerian Diaspora stories that are being shared first-hand through the eyes of those who practically lived it, together with the compilations of lessons learned will contribute positively in bridging the existing knowledge gap between the Nigerians living in Nigeria (Homeland) and the Nigerians in the Diaspora. This is a laudable initiative that seeks to provide authentic Diaspora knowledge transfer” he added.

Since mid-2021, the NGA Diaspora 4040 team has practically engaged a biographical approach in gathering the Diaspora stories with specific emphasis on relevant interviews while asking conscious and meaningful questions that helped to unveil the depths as well as the comprehensiveness of the Diaspora life stories with a special focus on the Nigerian emigration trends in 40 years (1981-2021).

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