Global Director,  Diaspora Innovation Institute, City University, New York City, USA.

 Global Director, Diaspora Institute of Innovation Institute, City University, Byron E. Price, Ph.D. is a professor of public administration and the former Dean of the School of Business at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York in Brooklyn and the former Lillie and Nathan Ackerman Chair of Social Justice at Baruch College (Visiting Endowed Professor), which is housed in the Center on Equality, Pluralism and Policy. He formerly served as the Director of the Barbara Jordan Institute of Policy Research and as an associate professor of political science in the Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University (TSU) in Houston, Texas.

Topic: Exploring The Benefits Of Migration Post Pandemic To Retool Global Economy

This presentation shall focus on connectivity of migration with global economic order with respect to regular migration and remittances, migrant contributions as economic developers, how the pandemic has been affecting international mobility and emerging migration through technology, and how this aids development indices across the world.