Former Secretary of State / Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Canada

Gerry Weiner is President of the Education Foundation of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians. He was aappointed Chair Board of Directors, Old Port of Montreal-July2009, elected as Member of Parliament, Dollard – September 1984 and Re-elected member of Parliament for the Poerrefonds-Dollardsriding- November 1988.

He has held prominent positions and has served as the Secretary of State of Canada, Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship, Minister of Immigration, Member of the Planning and Priority Committee of Cabinet, Parliament Secretary to External Affairs and Queens Privy Councilor.

Topic: Canada Immigration And Impact On Global Economy: The Benefits And Advantage Of Second Passport

The discussion will entails analysis on the migration flow and economic development in Canada, from the perspective of the North Africa region and the importance of second passport.