H.E. REV. DR. A.K. OCANSEY, Guest Speaker

Dr Ocansey, with over 30 years experience as a labour migration expert currently is a member, African Union Labour and Migration Advisory Committee which advises African Governments and she represents the Diaspora African Forum, in the AU Committee. The Principal Consultant to the Sierra Leonean Government on Labour Migration Matters is the Chairman/CEO of the multiple international award winning Nekotech Center Excellence which houses the Center for Labour Diplomacy in Ghana. She has consulted for many countries both within and outside Africa on labour matters. The author of the Deadly Work or Decent Work is an Engineering Graduate of Rutgers University, NJ-USA. She has held consulting positions with the Ghana Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare. She is also a theologian, philanthropist and successful businesswoman – CEO of SOS Global Investments, with a multi-business portfolio. She is a sought-after keynote speaker for migration, youths and women’s empowerment forums

 Topic:  Labour Migration: Shifting The Paradigm To Decent Work For Africans

Challenges of labour migration export from Africa that has been leading to slavery in different parts of the world and the solutions available through decent work approaches.