By Sunday James

At the mention of Covid-19 registers in the mind fear and apprehension.

It is everywhere. Both in the developed, developing and under-develop nations, it is a case of face to face with life and death.

Notwistanding, the testimonies of survivors give credence to the fact that beyond the conspiracy theory, that Covid-19 or coronavirus, is not a death sentence.

It has been proven that if detected early and the infected person is immediately isolated, tested and treated the chances of survival is very high.

As nations confront the surge of the disease, the heros of covid-19 are not just the survivors giving hope of life after the infection, but also the volunteers giving supports to the needy.

For example, we saw how medics trooped into the New-York to render diverse services help to contain the overwhelming spread of the disease.

In the City, farmers are turning crops and emptying their storage to augumentation the food bank, financial contributions coming from good spirited fellows, philanthropists, captains of industries, sports men and women, religious bodies, non governmental rganizations local and International, free minded citizens, all in unism rendering help in one way or the other.

These and other volunteers are the real heros at this trying time when many people are dejected.

The heros are men and women who choose to make the difference by saving souls afflicted by Covid-19.

The whole world today are looking up to them.

Be a hero by contributing your quota, whether intellectually, financially, socially, morally, security wise, politically or religious dimension, we all have a role to play in the fight against Covid-19.

Who knows, your contribution may help save life.

Be a care giver. Give to someone in need. Encourage people to remain law abiding in your neighborhood.

Save and protect lives and property.
Give a helping hand to the aged and the vulnerable around you.

Speak good words to the dying souls. Encourage the hapless that the Covid-19 will not last.

Use your knowledge to help others solve a problem.

You are not a hero until you help, until you impacted on someone, until your contribution makes the difference.

The world is waiting for the next hero. That is you.

Sunday James, is a Deputy Comptroller of the Nigeria Immigration Service and the National Public Relations Officer of the agency.

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