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Lusaka-Zambia- The Zambian Embassy in India has asked an Asian businessman, Vinod Yaddula to report his wife, Gurramkonda Anusha and Vikram Investment Limited owner Panyam Vikram Deva-Reddy  to the police in India following their conspiracy to murder him.

Facts before the Lusaka Central Police Station are that since his resignation from Vikram Investment to concentrate on his mining firm, Srisai Chaithrika, Mr. Yaddula’s former boss Vikram, working together with his wife Anusha have been having dark corner meeting, scheming to eliminate Mr. Yaddula.

The duo is allegedly planning to grab Mr Yaddula’s prospective mining license in North-Western Province and Devino Lodge located in 10 Miles in Chibombo district, Central Zambia.

The two conspirators hired four assassins to end the life of Mr Yaddula, namely Simon Nganga, a Kenyan National, Vikram Investment Manager Edward Morris, Shyam Liseli, a computer expert and Vikram Investments driver only identified as Renald.

However, the murder conspiracy backfired when one of the hired assassins, Simon Nganga betrayed Vikram and his agents to turn informer of Yaddula and started leaking information on how the plot was going to be executed.

Nganga, a Nairobi-based businessman adduced incriminating proof that include phone recordings, WhatsApp conversations and pictorial evidence, showing how the victim was being trailed from every location, including court sessions at the Magistrate Court where Yaddula has sued Vikram for alleged fraud and theft of cheques.

According to a murder plan before the Zambia Police Service, Nganga was supposed to pose as an investor who would invest in Mr Yaddula’s mine and the two would take a trip to North-Western Province where along the way, the latter would be killed by the former.

“What Vikram wants is that guy(Yaddula) to die because he is very stupid. Vikram said if you don’t kill him you can remove his eyes so that he does not see again,” the two hired assassins were heard in the phone recording that has gone viral.

However, Nganga decided to break the devilish code and advised Mr Yaddula to fake his death and shoot a video to send a message to Vikram and his agents.

When the video of Mr. Yaddula, pretending to be dead went viral, his wife started making travel arrangements to Zambia in readiness of the smooth takeover of the victim’s property.

Mr. Yaddula alerted the Lusaka Police Station and the Flying Squad, popularly known as C5 swung into action and arrested the four assassins, including Nganga.

Police in Lusaka have since concluded investigations in the matter involving the four suspects who have since been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and the docket is before the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) for the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) for give further guidance.

Zambian High Commissioner to India Judith Kavijimpanga has since advised Yaddula to alert the Indian Police to institute investigations against Mr. Vikram.

In a letter dated 16th April 2020, Mrs. Kapijimpanga regretted that Mr. Yaddula is targeted for death by Vikram and Anusha in order to acquire his property, namely Devino Lodge in 10 Miles and a prospective mining license in North-Western Province.

“The mission regrets that your wife is plotting to have you killed over your businesses. It is however gratifying to note that you reported the matter to the Zambia Police Service and it is still active. We however, regret that we are unable to execute your request of alerting the Indian community of what your wife and Panyam Vikram Deva-Reddy are plotting against you as the mission has no locus standi,” reads Ambassador Kampinjipanga in part.

The letter added: “You may wish to bring the matter to the community through Indo-Zambia Business Association. Since the matter is of criminal nature, we strongly advise that you report it to the police in India through the Ministry of External Affairs who will in turn inform us as per procedure.”

In a letter dated 7th April 2020, Mr Yaddula wrote to the Zambian Embassy in India, protesting alleged plots to assassinate him by his former boss, Panyam Vikram Deva-Reddy.

“This letter serves to notify you that My former boss, Panyam Vikram Deva-Reddy (Passport No ), working with my wife Gurram-Konda Anusha (Passport No. J9810311) hired four assassins (two Zambians and two Kenyan nationals) to murder me,” reads Mr Yaddula’s letter in part

“I  was alerted of Mr. Vikram’s intentions to physically harm him by one of his hired killers turned informer, Simon Nganga from Kenya, Nairobi. Mr. Nganga turned against Mr. Vikram and adduced phone recordings and pictorial evidence to me, showing how they were trailing me from every location, including the Magistrate Court where I am attending court sessions in the matter I have sued Vikram,” Mr Yaddula added, 

“I reported the matter to the Lusaka Central Police Station and the Flying squad swung into action and arrested Mr. Vikram’s hired assassins. The police confiscated his vehicles which are deemed to be accessories to illegal activities.

Mr Vikram, my wife and other persons unknown have continued to send death threats to me. I fear that even if their attempt to end my life failed, they would use other means.”

He said Mr. Vikram and his wife are conniving to have him assassinated because they want to take over his property namely Devino Lodge and Roxy Night Club and Srisai Chaithrika Mining Limited.

“The only crime I committed to Mr. Vikram was resigning from his company, Vikram Investments Limited to concentrate on my firm Srisai Chaithrika Mining Limited and India I have properties that are under threat by the said persons.

It is my prayer that your reputable organization will act and cease passports, interrogate and arrest them in India where they are hiding,” he stressed.

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