The Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International (MLGWUI), Ghana has called for prority on matters that concern migrants by the government as the body hails contributions of African migrants to the global economy.


This position was contained in a message delivered   by Comrade Justice Baako Ntarmah,  the General Secretary & Head Of Education In International Relations MLGWUI, Ghana on the commemoration of the 2021 International Migrants’ Day.

Extending  the goodwill message from MLGWUI  to all migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers and members of their families as well as diasporans and diplomatic missions in both Ghana and abroad, he emphasised that the theme of 2021 International Migrants’ Day titled “Harnessing Potential of Human Mobility” must be actualised in honour of late workers.

“MLGWUI is humbly repeating her appeal to the UN and ILO to try to hold the 2022 International Migrants Day in Ghana. Shall we remain a minute silence wherever we are in memory of beloved Migrant Workers and Members of their Families who lost their lives by Corona Virus and/on natural death during their 2021 labour migration and regional integration.

“In commemoration of the 2021 International Migrants’ Day, Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International uses the occasion to campaign and encourage all stakeholders;  states parties, trade union organisations, employers’ organisations, civil society organisations and migrant workers and members of their families to take part in this year’s global initiative.

“According to the World Migration Report 2022 released by the International Organisation for Migration.  Available data reflect an overall increase in remittances in recent decades, from $702 billion in 2020.  Despite predictions of a large decline in international remittances due to COVID-19, 2020 saw only a slight drop (2.4%) from the 2019 global total.

“It is surprising to note that (Im)migrant (Workers) contribute immensely to public finance. So the government spends less per capita on Immigrants than on native-born individuals.

He said occupational safety and health should be migrant workers’ priority at work. “I therefore advice all Migrant Workers to avoid what one subscribes to as 996 working hour system which refers to working from 9:00 am to 9:00 p.m. six days a week which has become a common practice adopted by financial companies.”

According to Ntarmah,  the COVID-19 Pandemic has made a devastating impact on migrant workers, especially the precarious or casual low wage sector stating that  the COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake up call for African leaders and employers to treat migrant workers fairly as essential workers with dignity.

“I thank the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for her continuous evacuation support of Migrant Workers in terms of disastrous situation and undocumentary related issues, especially her latest assistance of 164 Migrant deportees to Ghana this month December 2021.

“I also extend the same gratitude to the IOM Ghana Ambassador, song artist Kofi Kinaata for his welcoming solidarity support for them at Kotoka International Airport in Accra on their arrival. MLGWUI seeks to ensure that they are all have rights for equal pay/wage for equal work and avoid discrimination or racism between citizens and foreign nationals” he said.

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