Migration Management and the Economy :The Role of the NIS The thematic toprc is apt and timely considering the state of the nation, pré Covid-19 and post Covid-19 period, as season journalists many with nothing less than 10years and above practicing active Journalism, we all know the statutory roles of the NIS and we all know from our secondary school days what Economics is as the Science of Commerce and appropriation of money for profit and economic prosperity in the human Community, the reason human community is to be specific, only human beings transact business for economic purposes. 2.Having set the phase for this presentation, by professional definition Nigeria Immigration Service is the lead agency for Migration Control and Management, which simply means Coordinated control of human mobility, while migration is the movement of persons from one place to another, either within a country or to another place outside the country of origin of the migrants, what these mean is that migration may be internal or external, local or global all has economic implications for the host community or host country. 3.Migration management remains the core operational assignment of migration managers all over the world which includes the following and not limited to them, Nigeria Immigration Service lead agency, NAPTIP incharge of an arm of migration which has to do with Trafficking in person, International bodies like the International Organization for Migration (IOM), EUROPOL, INTERPOL and other international organizations and professional bodies saddled with migration management, Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) to the Nigerian government liasses between the government of Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora for their well-being, welfare outside Nigeria, and their possible return in case of eventualities that threatens life and their peaceful and safe survival outside Nigeria such as Xenophobic attacks, Ebola in the past, War, Crisis situations in the country where they resides, and most recently Covid-19 the global pandemic that has locked down world economy and threatens human existence, we can deduce the relationship between migration management and the Economy of nations. 4.In conclusion, Migration Management has a lot to contribute to the economic development and prosperity of nations either in the form of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) of nations which is not possible with nations that closes its borders against regular migration especially conservative policy and self isolated natoons that does not relate in terms of economy with others, they may survive but with little or no developments, considering globalization that has turned the world to a global village, à circumstance where anything that happens elsewhere reverberates in other nations either for good or bad. (PAPER DELIVERED BY DCI SUNDAY JAMES PCC, SERVICE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICE, ABUJA) 23rd April, 2020.

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