Migration and Containment of Covid-19:

Journalist Insulation, ECOWAS Corona Bonds, Citizens Sensitization on movements from Covid-19 vulnerable countries and locally :This is a trying time for the global community no one single being is free from the threat, when I say threat it does not mean contracting or getting infected but we are all vulnerable as human beings, journalists are not isolated, it is a common enemy that can be eliminated by time, resources, expertise, full adherence to international best practices that had worked for those who are out of it, and those experiencing reduction in cases of contracting and death, we must learn from those countries like China that has the first breakout and spread and how they combated it within months, We as a nation with well-known medical practitioners across the globe can use the forum to invite specialists back home to support the efforts on the ground, doing our bit as Journalists in carrying out this medical campaign to everyone and the resultant effect is laudable if we have a sickness free society the Journalists can equally live free of sickness, no matter the medical name, the Nigerian nation need everyone directing all our efforts to fight this pandemic, the journalist forum like JIFORM will do well if we source through media campaign for Nigerian experts located around the globe to send  in writing form their medical advises, research works and other academic documents towards fighting covid-19, we have seen research works from the west but the world need to know that Nigerian experts have contributed toward ending this plague, for the journalist the best prevention is to stay safe, adhere to all medical instructions given by experts as the cure is still at laboratory level no known clinical  treatment apart from hygiene, first aid and other temporary measures, surely the solution will be discovered. Personal exposure should be avoided without adequate precautionary measures.

[03:19, 4/4/2020] James NIS: Need for ECOWAS ‘CORONA BONDS’ For the Sub region:The pandemic Corona virus spread globally and IMF planned Financial Intervention can equally be boosted by the coming together of ECOWAS heads of government to address unitarily the growing spread of Covid-19″ by mopping up resources and materials for the fight against the pandemic along the West African coast thereby bringing relief to nations that have no enough resources and materials to curb the rising Corona lock down effects and further spread, financial consequences, human mobility control, effectiveness of medical checks and Control measures among other palliative measures. A regional health agency and CENTRE can be set up to coordinate the program of medical actions, financial grants in aid distribution, progress report monitoring and interventions for the member states of ECOWAS.

Travel advisory is very important to make every traveler aware of the danger of movement from one place to another known as Migration, human mobility from places of either high or low vulnerability to another, contact with unsuspecting carrier of the virus in the aircraft, train, vehicles of all categories, shops, markets, religious centre’s where mass congregation is experienced, educational institutions, Correctional and detention centres among others are spots and locations where people contracts the Covid-19  virus believed to be very contagious and pandemic in nature, statistical analysis confirmed delayed action by countries contributed to its wide spread, some wrong information circulated by quacks and not professional, lack of Oneness by the global …

Break in food supply chains, availability and price hikes: Covid-19 and food security The silos reservation, the 700,000 metric tones approved by the President, duration of supply and need for emergency farm services to take care of the 33 silos with present storage of 1,336,000 metric tones available which can be depleted if the period of lock down persists beyond speculation.

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