3rd JIFORM Global Migration Summit

N.B: All participants must be Covid-19 Vaccine Compliance

The third annual global migration summit of the Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) is scheduled to hold in Toronto, Canada between December 4-11 2021 to include both virtual and physical particicpation.

Themed: Exploring The Benefits Of Migration Post Covid-19 To Retool Global Economy, this will consider the potentials inherent in migration as solution to the world economic order being ravaged by the pandemic.

This conference presents critical challenges and discussion on this global interactive platform with intent to deepen the knowledge of top government officials, media practitioners, institutions, migrants, judiciary, health workers and other stakeholders on migration trends and responsible reporting.

This conference explores the nexus between the desire to enhance social wellbeing and a country’s economic focus to highlight the role of migrants as economic developers and structure effective supports and responses to these shifting drivers of Labour Migration.

 JIFORM’s annual review of migration policy and practice is designed to build capacity both within media, governments and other sectors for strategic evaluation to better manage and report on all forms and impacts of mobility.

This is a path to meeting the new and emerging responsibilities that unfold to create opportunities in home countries for youth and communities at risk, while also considering choices to migration, economic-social and cultural developments, and the right to freedom of movement of persons.

With participants from different countries, this summit shall address squarely migration and development, facilitating migration, regulating migration, and forced migration.

Exploring The Benefits Of Migration In The Post Covid-19 Era To Retool The Global Economy
Venue: Toronto, Canada
Date: Dec. 4 - 11, 2021
Time: 11 am to 4 pm, Daily

Cross-cutting activities to be analyzed include the promotion of international migration law, policy debate and guidance, protection of migrants’ rights, migration health and the gender dimension of migration.

The hybrid summit participation model shall provide opportunities to review migration and economic prospects, challenges, and offer solutions to the changing dynamics impacting the economy.

Influential participating speakers are to be drawn from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), European Union, African Union, Diaspora Innovation Institute, America and other migration agencies.

The conference seeks to provide training opportunities for the media practitioners as purveyors of information germane to migration and governance.

Participants shall include invited government officials, migration advocates, workers on migration related matters, immigration officers, judges, lawyers, lawmakers’ officials, religious leaders, academics, corporate institutions and their managers and others.

Highlights of the summit will include extensive exposés on the Verifiable Campaign of the United Nations aimed at countering fake news as it relates to migrants and migration mismanagement in order to broaden the knowledge of all the participants.


December 4: Welcome reception.

Conference: December 5 – 10, 2021, 11 AM – 3:30 PM Daily

December 10, 2021- Gala and Awards Event will honour those in their various roles and interventions towards promoting safe and regular migrations.

International guests arrival December 4 – departure December 11, and enjoy tourism excursions, and evening events at leisure. Local conference guest attendees may register for additional dinners and events to further network with International delegates to discuss business and trade.

  • To promote migration robust policy inputs on safe, orderly and regular migration.
  • To serve as an avenue to enhance media professionals and other stakeholders’ capacity on migration matters.
  • To facilitate networking among migration advocates, institutions and government towards promotion of migrants’ rights and migration governance.
  • To promote benefits in regular migration as part human development.
  • To facilitate advancement of the economy through knowledge sharing among migration advocates, media, organizations and others. 

Stream 1

Realities and Strategies for Change

Assisted Voluntary Return and Re-integration; Diaspora remittances and opportunities for personal development; review of migration governance, trends and dynamisms; gender sensitivity;

Forced labour and implication for personal development, migration crimes and the way out of human trafficking, prostitution, child and women labour, slavery e.t.c

Second passport and investment opportunities; immigration and international laws; pull and push factors of migration; border management and humanity; review of various media ethical guides and understanding migrant’s adaptation in different parts of the globe, framework for continental development

Stream 2

Public Health Challenges in Migration

Migration and internal displacement involves significant numbers of persons moving from one location to one or more other locations, thus presenting themselves to at last two sets of public and private sector bodies dealing with public health.

In their point of origin, they were consumers of health services and, some may have been deliverers of such services. Prior to their departure, they may have been current with, or not have taken full advantage of such services and, therefore, were not in the best of health and became carriers of locally-sourced diseases and conditions or in need of deferred attention. Their departure may have impact on the allocation of public health funds to those staying in place.

At points of arrival, the migrants may introduce into the local population unfamiliar diseases and conditions and the newcomers may not have been prepared to deal with what is endemic to that location and for which existing population has been prepared to deal with. 

Migrants can bring experience and skill sets not present before their arrival. Their interaction with new colleagues can generate novel research, innovation in product and therapy development. This synergy can also be of value to all migrants worldwide and should be encouraged throughout the public and private sectors.

Some select topics for panel discussion above to incorporate:

  1. Ethical Coverage Of Migration And Balanced Reporting
  2. Migration, Technology And Economic Inflow In Developing And Developed Nations
  3. Covid-19: Mobility And Future Of Sports Investments As A Component Of Migration.
  4. Diaspora Investments: Harnessing The Potentials To Benefit Nations
  5. Canada Visa Application: The Best Approach.
  6. Regular Migration, Migrants: The Global Best Practices.





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  1. Gold Sponsorship Category Fee : $20,000.


  • Media mention in all JIFORM statements, promos both within and outside Canada (this include both pre and post publication concerning the event),
  • Access to Branding of event venues: E.g. banners, exhibitions during the summit
  •  Opportunity to speak through paper presentation at the summit on product/services
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  • Placement at strategic seat during the event and gala tables.


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  • Media mention in the Canada media.


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Event Sponsors

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  • Lunch sponsors

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  • Reception sponsor
  • Gala sponsors

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           Silver (6)        $2,000.00

  • Speaker sponsor (2)       $3,000.00

Registration /Annual Fee Payable In Naira or Dollar

N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only non refundable)

JIFORM Naira Account


ACCOUNT NO: 1016742625


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For Full Details On Participation Fees Upon Payment of Registration Fee Kindly Call 234-8036458653 or 234-8111811225 or Contact Email: jiformalert@gmail.com
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