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Ethiopian Airlines has signed an agreement with the Leadership and Governance Canada Inc.(LGC) as an official carrier for the forthcoming, Canada-Nigeria Business & Investment Summit (CNISC) scheduled for October 11-15,2022 in Toronto, Canada.

According to the organisers, the summit which is expected to attract over 500 delegates and over 200 investors is organised by Leadership and Governance Canada Inc. and MineAfrica in collaboration with Nigeria High Commission Ottawa.

This 2nd bi-annual event at Marriott Hotel in downtown Toronto will feature six sectors of the Nigerian economy, which include agriculture, infrastructure, health care, power and alternative energy, solid mining and ICT/education and aviation.

The three-day world-class business and investment networking and information sharing events; CNISC 2022 will focus on the reality of investing in Nigeria, the blue economy with presentations and panel discussions on the misconceptions, the challenges and most importantly, the opportunities of investing in Nigeria and Canada.

“The official carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, is the largest aviation group in Africa. It is therefore our joy to have and welcome the airline as the official career and partner for the 2022 NCISC, the organisers said.

“We at Leadership and Governance Canada Inc. and MineAfrica are delighted to be associated with Ethiopian Airlines and very proud to have them as this year’s major carrier of our delegates from Nigeria and other African countries to Canada,” the organisers added.

Ethiopian Airline has operated for over 75 years and has become a leading international carrier with reputation for efficiency, top-client service and operational excellence.

Ethiopian Airlines commands the lion’s share of the Pan-African passenger and cargo network operating the youngest and most modern fleet to more than 130 international passenger and cargo destinations across five continents.

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