Diaspora Innovation Institute (DII)

The Diaspora Innovation Institute was established in 2012 after the maiden edition of the African Diaspora Conferences in Lagos Nigeria at the Prestigious Lagos Business School, Nigeria. The goal of the Institute is to build a structure for Diaspora return, Transition, Relocation, Engagement, Investment, Entrepreneurship and impact on Development. Focus is on Diaspora Research, Diaspora Marketing, Transition, Technology, Conferences and Development. Research is on Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Technical knowledge transfer, Local Innovation and Technological application. The DII has created partnerships with City University of New York, Adekunle Ajasin University,  Green Campus Institute, Junior Chamber Nigeria, CBCEMEA, African Diaspora Marketplace-USAID, Western Union, Young Global Leaders, Center for Management Development CMD, Rainbow Town Development, Chams Plc, Arik Air, Come to Nigeria, Nigeria in Diaspora Organizations, The Africa Report, Bowie State University Business Innovation Center, Deluxe Residences, DOWEN College, Federal University of Technology Otuoke, Easy Taxi, National University Commission NUC, Homecoming Revolution South Africa, Trend City, GE Nigeria, Lagos State Inland Revenue Service, Montgomery College USA, DHL Nigeria, Oracle, Global Property Partners GPP,  Chams Mobile etc.