Speech by Debbie Gahan, GepCare Foundation, Dublin, Ireland at the West African Media Migration Summit in Togo on June 23, 2021

By Aiji John

Good Day, Honorable Ministers, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocols duly observed. I extend my warm greetings for this event.

Debbie Gahan

I would like to thank our gracious hosts The Journalist International Forum for Migration and the Organization Pour Integration Africa (OIA); for your determined leadership in the discussions on Migration.

The media plays a vital role in the discussions on migration. Our reportage helps to create awareness and sensitize people on the benefits of migration on the one hand. These benefits include higher standard of living, educational opportunities, seeking higher wage rates, better employment opportunities.

On the other hand, the media exposes the dangers of irregular migration which can lead to societal issue such as trafficking and abuse.

Media reportage should encourage the government to continue to strengthen the capacity to curb this menace – through legislation, better coordination among law enforcement agents, inter-country cooperation, improved victim support and protection services and rehabilitation of victims.

At GEP-Care Foundation, we are on a mission to leverage the power of media to create awareness on human trafficking and child abuse; whilst also empowering women and children with the skills they require to succeed.

We do this through Movies, Documentaries, Seminars and Social media campaigns

We have produced a movie called “Osato”. The movie is based on a true story of a young Nigerian girl trafficked for sexual exploitation to Europe. We aim to educate young girls, parents and the general populace about the dangers of irregular migration and human trafficking through this movie.

Education and awareness is key to tackling issues around irregular migration and human trafficking from the grassroots. 

Thank you once again , and I wish everyone a successful collaboration in this event.

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