Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) has called for total compliance with the safety procedures being put in place by governments in different nations aimed at containing the spread of COVID 19 otherwise known as Coronavirus.

Further to this, the international Foundation with over 150 members across the globe also demanded special provision of kits and resources to journalists covering the infectious diseases.

JIFORM, which leads campaign against irregular migration and human trafficking, noted that the precaution steps that included ban on all forms of gathering, regular washing of hands, self isolation where applicable and other health procedures were in the interest of the citizens.

The President and Executive Director of JIFORM, Ajibola Abayomi, in a statement issued in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday said, “at this point, what is most important is adherence to the safety procedures particularly in Africa where the health facilities and resources are not only challenging but limited.

“Weeks ago, we had to suspend all JIFORM activities having foresaw the situation. We are in total support of actions of government in Nigeria and other African countries as well as total lockdown where necessary to give room for further containment of the disease.

“While it is important to perish the illusion that Africa is immune to the disease giving its climatic condition, time has also come for governments to roll out palliatives and plans to mitigate the economic hardship being faced by citizens.

“Also, this is not a time for blame game and unnecessary criticisms, but a season of solidarity and solutions to fight COVID 19, the common enemy. However, as the battle rages on, we want to encourage government to work out economic modalities for post-COVID 19 in the interest of all.”

Ajibola advised that:” We should not be caught unaware on what to do to avoid slipping into recession as we anticipate victory over coronavirus. The economic team in every nation must look beyond the negative curve of the moment because hard times don’t last.

“Crucial lessons must be learnt on how best to equip the health sector for future challenges and position it to make discoveries to address any outbreak.”

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