Below is the profile of one of the Guest Speakers at the international virtual summit of the Journalists International Forum For Migration (JIFORM) holding on zoom between June 5 and 6, 2020.

Theme: Migration: Remedies for Covid-19 And The Economy

Time: 11 am

Contact: 2348111811225

Reverend Father ANSELM ADODO, OSB

Fr. Anselm Adodo is the founder and Director of Nigeria’s foremost herbal research Institute, the Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, popularly called Paxherbals.

He is a prominent advocate of African Herbal medicine research, indigenous knowledge systems, rural community development, health policy reform and transformation of education in Africa.

His doctoral degrees are in Management of Technology and Innovation from DaVinci Institute, South Africaand in Medical Sociology from University of Benin, Nigeria.

Fr. Adodo has authored several books which include:  Herbs for Healing (1997), Healing Radiance of the Soul (2003), New Frontiers in African Medicine, (2005), Herbal Medicine and the revival of African Civilization (2010), Disease and Dietary patterns in Edo Central Nigeria. An Epidemiological Survey (2013) and the best-selling Nature Power. Herbal Medicine in Tropical Africafirst published in 2000 and reprinted eight times.

His 2017 book, Integral Community Enterprise in Africa. Communitalism as an Alternative to Capitalism (Routledge), is widely acclaimed.

His 2018 book titled, The Healing plants of Nigeria, documents several species of trees, shrubs and grasses with their local names and local history of use.

His 2019 book titled, The Idea of The Communiversity (Beacon Academic, 2019), has also received positive reviews. His most recent book, ‘Healing Plants of Nigeria.

Ethnomedicine and Therapeutic Applications’ (Routledge), which he co-authored with Prof. Maurice Iwu, was released in April 2020.

Fr. Adodo is an adjunct lecturer at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, where he teaches African Transformation studies (a new Masters curriculum he designed with a team of researchers across Africa and Europe) and Traditional African Medicine (a masters and PhD curricula he designed in partnership with Paxherbals and University of Ibadan).

He is a Fellow of the Nigeria Society of Botanists, An Adjunct Research Fellow at National Institute  of Medical Research (NIMR), a co-founder of Trans4m communiversities Associates, London and Director of Pax Centre for Integral Research and Development (OFIRDI), popularly called Pax Africana.

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