ABEDORC Productions Inc, Canada

ABEDORC productions Inc , Toronto Canada, owners of Dorc Tv and Dorc Radio was founded in 1999 with the aims and objectives of promoting arts and entertainment with respect to music and movies predominantly from all parts of Africa by Yinka Farinde who is up till date the C.E.O of the noble establishment. ABEDORC productions Inc is involve in the provision of the following services which include: – musical artist management. – event planning – international recognition for both music artist and movie actors and actresses from African origin. Entertainment industry based in Toronto, Canada.-providing artist promotions. – Stage equipment rentals – Recording studio – CD/DVD duplication and replications – Media conversion such as old VHS, DV TAPES, AUDIO CASETTES to any format needed etc. ABEDORC productions Inc (DORC records) celebrates all African Canadian musical artist, movie actors and actresses, promoters, comedian, marketers, event planners, producers, dancers, journalists etc. yearly in Toronto Canada. Future aspiration is to move this event from coast to coast, cities to cities and countries around the world.